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Illuminati 32 Resource Connection

After a number of hours trying to get the Illuminati 32 Flight controller working on a tricopter (I couldn't figure out how to connect and configure the servo), I eventually found out that the controller resources (pins) had to be configured manually via the cleanflight CLI.

There is a good file on the HobbyKing Illuminati 32 Files tab with a setup for a tricopter.


I subsequently tried to figure out the resource identifiers for each of the connectors.  I have listed below what I think they are but as I'm no expert in either the Illuminati 32 or Naze 32 you should use the following information with extreme caution.  If you manage to brick your controller, crash your 'copter, cause injury or it just doesn't work that that's your problem.


Illuminati 32 Resource connections

Resource ID Connection
A08 M1
A11 M2
B06 M3
B07 M4
B08 M5
B90 M6
B03 or B04 ? LED
A04 or A05 ? Power ADC
A00 CH1
A01 CH2
A02 CH3
A03 CH4
A06 CH5
A07 CH6
B00 CH7
B01 CH8


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