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Some notes on the Jumper T16 Transmitter


Here are some notes about the Jumper T16 transmitter.  Mainly things I've found while using it.

  • Need to calibrate 6 position mode buttons when calibrating sticks, pots & sliders. 
  • Splash & Background image size: 480 X 272
  • Model images need to be 192 pixels wide.  Height does not seem to matter.
  • It doesn’t seem to like filenames of more that 6 characters for model images (excluding extension) .
  • After binding receiver, need to “Discover sensors” before they can be used for telemetry.
  • Some receivers seem to need the protocol sub-type (e.g for DSM, the sub-types are "2 22", "2 11", "X 22", or "X 11") to be set before binding. Sometimes the transmitter picks this up automatically as part of the binding process.

Spektrum DX 7s

This is the radio that I currently use for my flying models.

Spektrum DX 7s transmitter
Personally I like this radio as it feels robust and well built.  I have tried some cheaper radios that felt as though they would snap if I got over-enthusiastic with the sticks.