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Some notes on the Jumper T16 Transmitter


Here are some notes about the Jumper T16 transmitter.  Mainly things I've found while using it.

  • Need to calibrate 6 position mode buttons when calibrating sticks, pots & sliders. 
  • Splash & Background image size: 480 X 272
  • Model images need to be 192 pixels wide.  Height does not seem to matter.
  • It doesn’t seem to like filenames of more that 6 characters for model images (excluding extension) .
  • After binding receiver, need to “Discover sensors” before they can be used for telemetry.
  • Some receivers seem to need the protocol sub-type (e.g for DSM, the sub-types are "2 22", "2 11", "X 22", or "X 11") to be set before binding. Sometimes the transmitter picks this up automatically as part of the binding process.

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