After trying a few prototype motor mounts I eventually refined the mount design and made a final mount.  The protorypes were made from balsa for quickness but the final mount is made from 6mm ply and spruce.

Wot 4 electric conversion, motor mount prototype 1 Wot 4 electric conversion, prototype motor mount 1 with cowl fitted. Wot 4 electric conversion, final motor mount.

As the wing on the Wot 4 takes a bit of time to fit and remove, and as there was a hole in the fuselage where the receiver on / off switch was, I decided that I would fit an external battery switch. Unfortunately 60 amp switches proved to be too heavy and  bulky so I fitted a mounted external XT60 connector and brought an XT60 battery extension lead out through the existing hole.  This now allows me to connect up the 4s 4000maH battery and fit the wing before powering up the model.

Wot 4 electric conversion, external battery connector.

The only things left to do are to work out the positioning of the battery to achieve the proper centre of gravity and make the battery mount. The initial indication is that with the battery located just in front of the leading edge line the CoG is spot on.

Wot 4 conversion, almost finished.