Colin's Radio Control

Wot 4

Wot 4 Mk 3 balancing tips.

Note: This article is intended as a reference for myself to balance my Wot 4.  I have taken the information in it from various sources including the Wot 4 Mk 3 build instructions and as such should be accurate. However, if you use the information in this article (as with any article on this website) you do so at your own risk.  I take no responsibility for problems, accidents, issues etc. from using information from here.


  • CoG: 3.25" back from leading edge of wing ± .25"
  • Balanced with top of fuselage level.
  • Lateral balance with plane upside down suspended from crankshaft and tailskid.

First flight

I joined the North Down Model Aircraft Club recently and brought the Wot 4 down for a bit of flying.

The guys at NDMAC are really helpful, I've never flown a model aircraft before so I need all the help I can get.

Stewart helped me sort out the trim which needed a few adjustments.  Peter then helped me get it started and checked the controls.  There was a problem with the engine idle and we couldn't get the engine to stop just using the transmitter also the radio gear seemed to be a bit off.  Anyway after a range test Peter taxied the Wot 4 out onto the runway and took off.  While flying a few circuits it was obvious that the radio was glitching however as Peter is an expert pilot he was able to bring it back into land without any damage.

All in all I had a great morning at Kirkistown and really enjoyed learning how to set up and test a RC plane.  It was also great to see the other pilots flying their planes.

Some work to do now to get the Wot 4 100% and hopefully I'll get back down again soon.