The following are my notes for when I am configuring iNav.  They are usually things that I forget from time to time, I can refer to them when I am setting up my models.

If these are useful to anyone else then I am happy to be of help.  PLease note however that although they work OK with my setups they may not work on your models. It is possible that they could damage your Flight Controller or cause your models to operate in an unpredictable way. This could result in injury.  If you choose to use the information here you do so at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any result of using this information on any models except my own.

Always remember, when making any changes to your setup or bench testing your models to remove all the propellers for safety.


iNav 3.0.2

  • board alignment:
    • pitch & roll set in CLI
    • set align_board_pitch =n
      • n = inverted degrees X 10. e.g if pitch is showing as 2.7 degrees when quad is level, n = -27
    • set align_board_roll = n
      • n = inverted degrees X 10. e.g if roll is showing as -1.5 degrees when quad is level, n = 15

iNav 4.1

  • PPM is no longer supported