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A-10 Thunderbolt II (RCM&E October 2021)

Twin EDF jet

Wingspan: 1067 mm

al Tazar (RCM&E November 2021)

An electric version of a well proven slope soarer

Wingspan: mm

Avro Avian (RCM&E August 2020)

An 1/8th scale alternative to the ubiquitous DH Moth.

Wingspan: 1041 mm

BAE Hawk (RCM&E December 2020)

A cracking little model that flies very well indeed.

Wingspan: 660 mm

Bambina (RCM&E 2019)

Neat little aerobat. Cheap, quick to build and fun to fly.

Wingspan: 787 mm

Bambino (RCM&E 2019)

An easy-build park flyer. Perfect for the first-time builder.

Wingspan: 700 mm

Beagle Pup 150 (RCM&E September 2018)

1960s low-wing trainer / tourer

Wingspan: 914 mm

Bede BD-5 (RCM&E September 2020)

Pusher jet style model that doubles up as a stiff-wind slope soarer

Wingspan: 902 mm

Bicep builder (RCM&E 2019)

15" wingspan chuck glider.

Wingspan: 381 mm

Bitty (RCM&E 2019)

Micro piggy-back glider

Wingspan: 560 mm

Coquette (RCM&E October 2018)

A pugnatious little cabin biplane

Wingspan: 762 mm

Das Ugly Glider (RCM&E April 2019)

Blohm & Voss BV40 attack glider

Wingspan: mm

Dracon (RCM&E June 2020)

Restoration of a 1987 Radio Moddeler plan.

Wingspan: 813 mm

Excellence (RCM&E November 2019)

Wingspan: 1041 mm

Exp 1R (Radio Modeller July 1988)

Twin boom pusher aeroplane originally designed for a 540 brushed motor.

Wingspan: 995 mm

F-4 Phantom (RCM&E March 2020)

Post-war fighter-bomber

Wingspan: 586 mm

F86 Sabre (RCM&E 2018)


Wingspan: 650 mm

Firestreak (RCM&E January 2019)

An electric powered aerobatic warmliner

Wingspan: 1676 mm

First Step (RCM&E 2019)

Simple design for a first-time build.

Wingspan: 940 mm

Flying Banjo (RCM&E July 2020)

2020 update of a popular Radio Modeller plan.

Wingspan: 660 mm

Folland Gnat (50mm EDF) (RCM&E November 2019)

Wingspan: 634 mm

Folland Gnat (70mm EDF) (RCM&E December 2021)

33" version of Tony Nijhuis' Yellowjack RAF trainer for 70mm EDF

Wingspan: 825 mm

Gamine (RCM&E 2019)

An almost forgotten old-timer, the last from the Vic Smeed collection.

Wingspan: 914 mm

Gasser (RCM&E May 2019)

Wingspan: 1016 mm

Goppengen Go1 Wolf (RCM&E December 2018)

1/7 scale vintage glider

Wingspan: 2000 mm

Gyroo (RCM&E May 2022)

Simple multi-task autogyro

Wingspan: 0 mm

Hanky Planky (RCM&E November 2022)

Easy to build 3S sports aerobatic

Wingspan: 711 mm

Hawker Hunter (RCM&E January 2020)

Classic EDF mini jet.

Wingspan: 634 mm

Heinkel He-162 C2 (RCM&E November 2022)

Tiny Heinkel Volksjager (Peoples' Fighter)

Wingspan: 444 mm

Hi8us (RCM&E July 2022)

950mm span electric flying wing by Mike Freeman.

Wingspan: 950 mm

Hound Dog (RCM&E October 2022)

50 inch wingspan sport aerobatic

Wingspan: 1270 mm

HW-4 Flamingo (RCM&E December 2019)

1/5th scale Brazilian sailplane from 1947

Wingspan: 3500 mm

Isabella (RCM&E September 2018)

High wing scale microlight.

Wingspan: 1210 mm

Jet Provost (50mm EDF) (RCM&E September 2019)

Mini EDF jet

Wingspan: 711 mm

Jet Provost (70mm EDF) (RCM&E April 2022)

Midi EDF jet

Wingspan: 930 mm

Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony (RCM&E February 2020)

The near scale Kawasaki "Tony" featured as a construction article in RCM&E March 1968.

Wingspan: 1029 mm

Kestrel (RCM&E December 2022)

Sport Paralsol Wing designed by Lindsay Todd

Wingspan: 1435 mm

Li'l Cub (RCM&E June 2019)

Short take-off and landing is the name of the game with Peter Miller's homage to the record-beating full-size.

Wingspan: 1397 mm

Lightning (English Electric) (EDF) (RCM&E March 2021)

EDF mini jet model of the RAF distinctive swept wing interceptor.

Wingspan: 600 mm

Lightning (English Electric) (Prop) (RCM&E April 2020)

Originally designed as an aspirational, jet age model for single channel flyers.

Wingspan: 914 mm

Little Miss Honky Tonk (RCM&E February 2019)

A quick-build aerobatic sportster that's guaranteed to satisfy the needs of both seasoned pilot and those looking for their …

Wingspan: 1500 mm

Max Brugger Colibri (RCM&E September 2022)

48 inch span model of the Swiss homebuilt aircraft.

Wingspan: 1219 mm

Mig-15 (RCM&E 2018)

26inch EDF jet

Wingspan: 650 mm

Miss Deeds (RCM&E October 2019)

Easy build Cassutt lookalike.

Wingspan: 1143 mm

Miss Sizzles (RCM&E July 2020)

An agile but well-mannered aerobatic low winger

Wingspan: 1143 mm

Moon dancer 2 (RCM&E March 2020)

Peter Miller's sports aerobat is great fun to fly and makes an ideal first-time traditional build.

Wingspan: 1219 mm

Moonbeam II (RCM&E August 2019)

Quick-build slope soarer

Wingspan: 1270 mm

Moonglow VI (RCM&E November 2011)

Advanced multi aerobatic contest model for 60-61 power.

Wingspan: 1524 mm

Mustang P51B (RCM&E August 2022)

Mustang P-51B Razorback

Wingspan: 1140 mm

My Lord (RCM&E August 2018)

Three channel trainer

Wingspan: 1300 mm

Ohmen (The) (RCM&E October 2018)

Bring a vintage vibe to your club aerobatics with Peter Miller's classically-styled electric low winger.

Wingspan: 1207 mm

Panther (RCM&E 2018)


Wingspan: 0 mm

Peccadillo (RCM&E May 2022)

Small delta wing slope soarer.

Wingspan: 1220 mm

Peggy Sue 2 (RCM&E April 2018)

Peter Miller's classically styled sportster perfect for a .40 four-stroke

Wingspan: 1473 mm

Petrel (RCM&E July 2019)

1/5 scale intage sailplane

Wingspan: 3400 mm

Piper Pawnee (RCM&E March 2019 )

Piper's classic workaday crop sprayer.

Wingspan: 880 mm

Pushover (RCM&E January 2019)

Golden age classic pusher aeroplane

Wingspan: 934 mm

Quickie Ghost (RCM&E November 2020)

High wing plane designed for Galloping Ghost control.

Wingspan: 997 mm

Rans S-9 Chaos (RCM&E October 2020)

A near 1/5th scale model of an impressively aerobatic Group A home built aircraft.

Wingspan: 1372 mm

Revolver II (RCM&E May 2019)

Wingspan: mm

Roto Duo (RCM&E June 2019)

Wingspan: mm

Sedbergh (RCM&E August 2019)

Slingsby T-21B Sedbergh Pendulum controlled free-flight glider

Wingspan: 1270 mm

Sigma (RCM&E May 2020)

Old school glider from the October 1971 edition of RCM&E

Wingspan: 1143 mm

Simples (RCM&E April 2018)

Cheap and quick to build, Mike Bell's Depron flying wing has all the right ingredients for maximum indoor flying fun.

Wingspan: 420 mm

Simples Max (RCM&E May 2020)

An outdoor version of Simples

Wingspan: 1000 mm

Snap Dragon (RCM&E November 2018)

3 Channel sportster

Wingspan: 760 mm

Sssshhwept (RCM&E January 2020)

Vintage swept wing design for 2.5cc engines.

Wingspan: 1118 mm

Stampe SR-7 (RCM&E April 2021)

Scale model of a Belgian monoplane trainer that evolved from the Stampe SV-4b biplane manufactured by the Stampe & Renard …

Wingspan: 1346 mm

Starstream 2 (RCM&E March 2019)

A 30 1/2" span ducted prop model. Based on Ray Malmström's Starstream 1976 Originally drawn by John McIntyre 1987 Updated …

Wingspan: 775 mm

Sticky (RCM&E 2019)

Diminutive electric version of the classic Stick.

Wingspan: 550 mm

Suzy Que (RCM&E April 2019)

Wingspan: 1702 mm

Tadpole (RCM&E 2019)

Tailless RC plane for .02 cu" engines.

Wingspan: 0 mm

Team Minimax (RCM&E March 2022)

1/6 scale ultra-light

Wingspan: 1320 mm

Terry-saur (RCM&E September 2020)

Caricature based interpretation of a slope soaring winged lizard

Wingspan: 1400 mm

Twizzle (RCM&E February 2020)

A 950mm span sports aerobatic electric model with a distinctive shape.

Wingspan: 950 mm

Upbeat (RCM&E January 2022)

Jig built 1200mm span aerobatic sports model for 4S electric.

Wingspan: 1226 mm

Vans RV-4 (RCM&E February 2021)

A neat sub-350W version of the Vans Aircraft homebuilt.

Wingspan: 1099 mm

Vertigo II (RCM&E February 2019)

1960s aerobatic aeroplane.

Wingspan: 1397 mm

Vi et arme (RCM&E 2019)

18" wingspan chuck glider.

Wingspan: 457 mm

Waco YKS (RCM&E June 2022)

A sweet looking sport scale biplane.

Wingspan: 1476 mm

Wagtail (RCM&E September 2019)

Retro pylon racer

Wingspan: 997 mm

Weekend Wen (RCM&E April 2019)

Inspired by the evergreen Zaunkonig, Ton van Munsteren brings the classic mini-bipe kicking and screaming into the 21st century …

Wingspan: 425 mm

Whisper (RCM&E October 2019)

1980s classic David Boddington design.

Wingspan: 1168 mm

Wunbesix (RCM&E June 2020)

A tailless electric powerd sports model with an easy to build Jedelsky wing.

Wingspan: 1850 mm

Yakolev Yak-9 (RCM&E May 2020)

Designed for the adrenaline fuelled rush of Aircombat, Timo Starkloff's compact adn rugged Yak brings the promise of streamer …

Wingspan: 860 mm

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