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A-10 Thunderbolt II (RCM&E October 2021)

Twin EDF jet

Wingspan: 1067 mm

al Tazar (RCM&E November 2021)

An electric version of a well proven slope soarer

Wingspan: mm

Avro Avian (RCM&E August 2020)

An 1/8th scale alternative to the ubiquitous DH Moth.

Wingspan: 1041 mm

BAE Hawk (RCM&E December 2020)

A cracking little model that flies very well indeed.

Wingspan: 660 mm

Bambina (RCM&E 2019)

Neat little aerobat. Cheap, quick to build and fun to fly.

Wingspan: 787 mm

Bambino (RCM&E 2019)

An easy-build park flyer. Perfect for the first-time builder.

Wingspan: 700 mm

Beagle Pup 150 (RCM&E September 2018)

1960s low-wing trainer / tourer

Wingspan: 914 mm

Bede BD-5 (RCM&E September 2020)

Pusher jet style model that doubles up as a stiff-wind slope soarer

Wingspan: 902 mm

BFW M 23c (RCM&E March 2023)

1/6th scale model of an early Messerschmitt design

Wingspan: 1994 mm

Bicep builder (RCM&E 2019)

15" wingspan chuck glider.

Wingspan: 381 mm

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